Ecommerce websites use Prestashop for their creation and the SMS Prestashop module to send SMS
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Last update: January 18, 2018

Give a boost to your Prestashop e-commerce website through our SMS module

Prestashop, which is an e-commerce solution, has established itself as the most accessible provider for all people who want to create an e-commerce website. Through its modules, you can make your website more efficient and make its management easier. That is why we decided to create our own SMS module for Prestashop. It will boost the sales of your e-commerce website by sending automated SMS!

This sms module will facilitate your life and allow you to have a better management of your ecommerce website! In just a few clicks, you will have access to all essentials functionalities and advantages of your sms platform directly from your Prestashop backoffice.

You use another solution than Prestashop and you want to integrate the SMS into your e-shop?

What does the SMS Prestashop module allow?

Improve your customer path:

  • You can more easily manage the orders of your customers by punctuating each step of the process of order with an informative SMS
  • You can choose to automate SMS according to various events (new password, modification of tracking number, availability of a product)
  • You can also diffuse promotions and offers made on your e-shop by sending bulk SMS
  • The shopping cart reminder is very easy with the SMS! Automate cart reminder to avoid abandoned carts which are still too frequent on e-commerce sites

Simplify the internal management of your e-shop:

  • Automate SMS alerts to warn you and your team when the stock shortage on a product is close or to inform about the turnover realised by the website at the end of each month

Why SMSFactor?

  • A direct operator connection who guarantees secured SMS sending with optimal quality
  • The possibility to send your professional SMS in France and at the international. Our services are available in more than 180 countries. The prices of an SMS changes with each country, contact us to know the price according to the desired country
  • Benefit of unlimited SMS Prestashop module updates and 3 months of free support!
  • Receive a personalised support when you purchase the module to help you in your SMS project
  • You can directly receive the answers of your customers in your mailbox or on the platform. Ideal to assure the follow-up of your SMS (validation of order reception, after sales service…)
  • Access all information concerning your sending of SMS (statistics of reception, rate of click…)! You can also consult your SMS credits and configure your account directly from the module
  • To test the features of an SMS and verify by yourself its efficiency, 250 SMS are offered to you when you create an account!
For 29.99€, the price of the SMS Prestashop module, enjoy all the advantages and benefits that the professional SMS brings to e-commerce website!

The most audacious features of the SMS Prestashop module

  • Take care of your customers by thanking them for making an order on your e-commerce site. To do so, configure your message by personalising it with information about your customers (name, product bought…) to create a real relationship of trust with them.
  • Assure an effective order follow-up by automating SMS according to order status. The customers will be reassured to know the status of their command!
  • Say goodbye to abandoned shopping cart and increase your sales!
  • Improve your internal management by automating SMS alerts to your team!
  • Export your CSV files to directly integrate the numbers on our platform in order to facilitate your mass sms sendings!

Integrate our API SMS for the sending of your SMS

You want to integrate the sending of SMS directly into your e-commerce website without passing by Prestashop or by another e-commerce solution?

Our SMS API allows you to manage yourself the sending of SMS, whether they are marketing or alerts! The integration of sending SMS by API is possible in all softwares, websites or applications, whatever the language your web developer uses!

By using our API for the sending of your professional SMS, you will benefit from all advantages that our SMS platform offers: personalisation of the sender, management of the answer, the statistics of sending, secure sending, quality of the services.

What are you waiting for to use the SMS and make of your e-commerce website a real success?!
Example of an SMS sent with the SMS Prestashop module

Digitise your customer path!