A predictable price whatever the chosen pack

Pack 1
  • 84 € excl tax
  • 0.084 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 2
  • 205 € excl tax
  • 0.082 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 4
  • 740 € excl tax
  • 0.074 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 5
  • 3400 € excl tax
  • 0.068 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date

For a tailored volume of any SMS service, contact us directly

 Your SMS sending internationally 

You want to send professional SMS in other countries than Belgium? Our services are available in 180 countries!
To offer you the best service possible at the best price, it is important that we know in which country or countries you want to send SMS. This way, we can connect you directly on their operators to assure you the best quality of sending. We can also inform you of all available options in those countries (response, stop SMS, law…).

To know our prices in one or several countries (apart from Belgium), contact us

No to “Low cost”

At SMSFactor we don’t offer a “Low cost” service to send your SMS. We guarantee an optimal rate of delivery, and real monitoring of your campaigns.

Custom Volume

Small or large volumes, if you want a specific number of SMS don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants to quickly get a personalized estimation cost on
+322 2 588 15 53


At SMSFactor we provide you with free support when sending your campaigns. From preparing your files to scheduling your messages.

Monthly billing

To ease your life, SMSFactor proposes you the “tailored” bill according to your monthly consumption. This is payable by bank transfer or direct debit.

Call us on +322 588 15 53

SMSFactor joins the Trust in Enterprise Messaging program as a quality expert of professional SMS

The Trust in Enterprise Messaging is the new program SMSFactor joined in December 2018. Created by different actors of the market, the point of this program is to act for a safe and secured professional SMS ecosystem. The Trust in