SMSFactor (Infomotiv Company) laureate of the 15th edition of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50

SMSFactor s'est vu récompensé de son travail en étant lauréat du Fast 50 2015
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 SMSFactor had the joy and honor to become one of 50 laureate of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, which was created to showcase the remarkable contribution of technology companies into the growth of the economy.
However, receiving this distinction from the Fast 50 is for us more than a simple price it’s a true recognition for the last 4 years of hard work during which we bet on the SMS sector growth. Putting our customers at the heart of our innovation process by listening to their feedback and requirements we are continually adapting our services to their requests and it is partly thanks to their loyalty and their remarks that we are here today.

Our CEO, Sébastien Magliolo therefore attributes this significant growth (404% in the last four years) to pioneer and innovative services sms developed on the SMSFactor platform, the quality of our customer experience, and the evolution of the company who became an SMS aggregator and by this mean is no longer a simple reseller as so many others.
Discover his statement on November 26, 2015: “We are really proud to be part of this list, it’s a recognition of the hard work accomplished. Infomotiv is a company which in five years has managed to become a real SMS expert thanks to our customer focus in terms of both experience and needs.”

Sébastien Magliolo, Président de SMSFactor lauréat du Fast 50 de Deloitte
Diner de Gala pour les lauréats du Fast 50 de Deloitte
Mise à l'honneur d'Infomotiv l'un des 50 lauréats du Fast50 2015

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