Four steps to choose the best sms platform for your company

Choose a complete solution without any surprises!

How to best select your SMS platform?

There are a multitude of online sms platforms offering the same product, an SMS of 160 characters. However, the various options associated with this product may vary depending on the platforms. It is therefore important for businesses to look for deals in more details and choose the most useful functionalities.

Even if the price is an important part, you should also look on what it includes.

Step 1: choose a practical and user-friendly sms platform

An SMS platform should be intuitive and easy to use. You should not waste time with the planning of your campaign, therefore a well thought out and complete sms platform is required. Several options will be available to you such as the SMS merge (customization of the message with your customer name or by appointment hours), the removal of duplicates and invalid numbers but also a detailed report of your sending (number of received and not-received messages, % of clicks…) All these options are very useful to fully exploit the SMS as a professional communication tool and achieve efficient campaigns. Some platforms will propose progressive pricing for each additional option. At SMSFactor we have chosen to integrate all the options of the platform in our prices, which makes life easier!

Step 2: choose an innovative sms platform

Even though the SMS is 25 years old, it won’t fail to keep impressing you. This advanced age is not an excuse to stop innovating! SMSFactor is keen on innovation, it’s even one of our main value. To answer the needs of our clients in the best way possible, we created several relevant innovations over time.

By trying to answer the needs of our clients in the best way possible, we realized that they need to better understand their customers. In a society where information is tracked and analyzed, we decided to create a system of tracked links. In fact, our URL shortener allows our clients to know exactly who clicked on their short link. The statistics our system give are very accurate. You can for instance know the numbers of the people who clicked, at what time they clicked, what phone they used… We speak here of a revolution in the analysis of professional sms sending repercussions.

Step 3: choose a company with a good customer service

Check the customer service and its price when looking for an sms platform

We are not all tech savvy. So, you must think about the times when you will face difficulties, when you will quickly need credits, advice on the choice of your message or on the processing of your customer file, on the creation of a web page for mobile…

Good customer service is important: look at the availability of businesses and additional fees for campaign support. To simplify our offer, with us everything is included. Whatever your problem, we will be happy to help and assist you. We do not charge for the support, and we are available 6 days a week by phone or email.

Step 4: choose an sms platform with a qualitative and secured operator connection

This connection is the most reliable and the fastest in SMS sending, with a rate of 1,000 SMS/minute. There is a control from French operators (Free, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Orange) and no loss. This connection also allows good subscriber management to administer OPT OUTs (subscription cancelation). This is very important because for bulk SMS, it is mandatory to offer recipients a way to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Our operator connection is secure

Some platforms offer very low prices, it is usually « Low Cost » SMS. These SMS offer no way of unsubscribing and take longer to send. Sending 10,000 SMS can take several hours, and the messages sometimes arrive late at night. This is illegal, the CNIL set a regulation up (you can only send promotional messages between 8am to 10pm). It is up to you choose the image you want your brand or business to reflect. Poorly treated advertising campaigns can be considered as very intrusive.

You now know all the functionalities and services you should consider when choosing your sms platform. If you have any question on the sms, our services or anything else, do not hesitate to contact our team at +322 588 15 53 or by email:

We cannot wait to discuss with you about the SMS!

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